Best Month of the Year to Sell Your Car

Are you considering to sell your old car? If the answer is yes, then you want to wait at least till the month of Feb or March. By looking at the trend, you can predict what would be the ideal time of the year to sell your car.

The latest registration stats reveal that between 16-20 percent of new vehicles are registered during the month of March with somewhat lower percentage during September making the period of February to March the best period to buy a car. Meaning you’re much more likely to sell your vehicle during this time of the year.

Nonetheless, why are these 2 months ideal for selling a car? Let’s discuss.

The period between April and July

Due to scorching heat outside, it can get challenging to sell a car during the period between April and July. Most buyers are likely to be enjoying their holidays to the mountains and among a few cars which you could sell are ones that are fancy & in demand during the entire year.

The period between August and September

Let’s make it clear! Do anyone of us wants to step outside when it’s raining and muddy? In addition, as the dirt starts sticking to the vehicle, it can become quite tough to convince your buyer to finalize a decent deal.

The period between October and January

This is the festive season of the year. Meaning, buyers are already looking for bargains and deals on their favorite stuff. You have to be really lucky for getting your selected price for a used vehicle when most things are available at 50% off! The attraction towards brand new cars also seems to be high during this period since car manufacturers push their gear to reduce their excess stock.

Now, you’re left with February and March.

During this time, people receive their tax returns which may be used for down payments when purchasing a used car. In addition, a number of companies also release their annual bonuses by the month of January which increases the sales of cars.

The above factors highly contribute to Feb and March becoming the ideal months for selling your old car. You are able to negotiate in regards to the price, and simultaneously receive a bunch of potential buyers.

Additional Factors to Consider: 

For people who’re still paying their EMI’s, it would be wise to know the selling price of the vehicle against the sum you’ve paid or is yet to be paid obviously. In case the later surpass the former, then selling a car may not help you financially.

Repairing expenses: Your old vehicle may have certain mechanical problems which may affect its selling price. So, you may want to do some fixes using car parts discount code to get the right price for your car.

Market conditions also play a big role. So, do check them to know the right period to attract the best buyers.

Fuel Prices: In case the prices of fuel are on the rise, it may not offer you much help when selling your vehicle. Ensure they’re steady for a while.