Best Month of the Year to Sell Your Car

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Are you considering to sell your old car? If the answer is yes, then you want to wait at least till the month of Feb or March. By looking at the trend, you can predict what would be the ideal time of the year to sell your car.

The latest registration stats reveal that between 16-20 percent of new vehicles are registered during the month of March with somewhat lower percentage during September making the period of February to March the best period to buy a car. Meaning you’re much more likely to sell your vehicle during this time of the year.

Nonetheless, why are these 2 months ideal for selling a car? Let’s discuss.

The period between April and July

Due to scorching heat outside, it can get challenging to sell a car during the period between April and July. Most buyers are likely to be enjoying their holidays to the mountains and among a few cars which you could sell are ones that are fancy & in demand during the entire year.

The period between August and September

Let’s make it clear! Do anyone of us wants to step outside when it’s raining and muddy? In addition, as the dirt starts sticking to the vehicle, it can become quite tough to convince your buyer to finalize a decent deal.

The period between October and January

This is the festive season of the year. Meaning, buyers are already looking for bargains and deals on their favorite stuff. You have to be really lucky for getting your selected price for a used vehicle when most things are available at 50% off! The attraction towards brand new cars also seems to be high during this period since car manufacturers push their gear to reduce their excess stock.

Now, you’re left with February and March.

During this time, people receive their tax returns which may be used for down payments when purchasing a used car. In addition, a number of companies also release their annual bonuses by the month of January which increases the sales of cars.

The above factors highly contribute to Feb and March becoming the ideal months for selling your old car. You are able to negotiate in regards to the price, and simultaneously receive a bunch of potential buyers.

Additional Factors to Consider: 

For people who’re still paying their EMI’s, it would be wise to know the selling price of the vehicle against the sum you’ve paid or is yet to be paid obviously. In case the later surpass the former, then selling a car may not help you financially.

Repairing expenses: Your old vehicle may have certain mechanical problems which may affect its selling price. So, you may want to do some fixes using car parts discount code to get the right price for your car.

Market conditions also play a big role. So, do check them to know the right period to attract the best buyers.

Fuel Prices: In case the prices of fuel are on the rise, it may not offer you much help when selling your vehicle. Ensure they’re steady for a while.



Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Spring

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With the arrival of spring comes a feeling of renewal & starting fresh, amongst most individuals. After an extended winter, it’s obvious to escape the doldrums for getting a fresh start. This is the primary reason why most individuals enjoy doing a thorough spring cleaning (which also includes their finances) or pursue special projects which they were avoiding lately. Spring is a perfect time for putting together a plan for saving some cash!

There are a number of unique ways of saving money & you’ll even enjoy doing it! You only need your imagination & commitment to save a good amount of cash this spring.

1.The farmer’s marketplace

Many communities organize a farmer’s marketplace which takes place during the weekend or on a particular day of the week. You’ll be able to find various homemade and fresh items which you can add to your food pantry and recipes which are not only nutritious but also affordable. The best thing when it comes to shopping at a nearby farmer’s market is you are encouraging your local economy, as well as fellow citizens, live a better life. Besides, shopping in this market can be an excellent outing for the entire family!

2.Fashion and Clothing

You could shop for clothing using fashion discount codes available at this time. You can also use online thrift and consignment stores that offer only those items that are in good condition for the customers.

High-end consignment stores can make available items for memorable events like weddings at a reasonable price.

Men will be able to locate great deals too on all kinds of clothing, which includes suits for the workplace, outerwear like parkas and coats and day to day wear.

3.Homemade fruits and vegetables

Growing vegetables and fruits at home is one of the best things you could do to save a good amount of cash this spring season. Nothing is more pleasing than cultivating & harvesting the food which you have planted by yourself.

Besides being very cost-effective, these fruits and veggies are also extremely nutritious. Be sure to use garden discount codes for getting additional deals for your homemade garden.

4.Clip coupons

Many grocery stores tend to run weekly offers during this time of the year. Just pay adequate attention to the weekly circulars and other promotional coupons from major retailers and you should be on your way for saving a good amount of cash on a monthly basis. Search for coupons which offer you the best deal on items like dairy products, baby products, etc.

5.Packing your lunch

Most people who work spend a huge amount of cash on lunch at restaurants. Simply spending 5 bucks per day on your lunch 5 days a week at a restaurant can turn into a decent amount when you consider the whole month. When you pack your lunch, it’ll be not only healthy but also save you lots of bucks each month. You can have breakfast at home, bring your lunch to work and stop eating late in the evening as well. You can save ££’s with these tips for Spring anf try to follow us for Summer Money saving tips as well as Autumn & Winters.




March Shopping Tips and How to Save More on Online Shopping

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March is one of those months where you can find plenty of exciting deals on various products online. In this article, we present you some of the best shopping opportunities for the month of March along with a few things you should skip.


Floor sample mattress

New mattress models typically arrive during spring, making old mattresses possibly fairly cheap. People who prefer a bargain as opposed to getting the newest model can search for discounts on floor samples which are displayed on the floor of the showroom.

Essentials for St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, as we all know is celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day worldwide.

Most online retailers offer a discount on these essentials during the time that leads up to the holiday. For instance, J.C. Penney & Amazon have had these type of sales during the past few years.

Like any other holiday, the longer a person waits for shopping, the better deals they’re likely to get. Your options might be reduced, but so are the prices.

Tax software

March is an ideal month to get an exciting deal on your tax software. Retailers such as Dell, Staples and Best Buy already offer sales on these products, so be sure to research accordingly.


No matter if you plan to have a trip for summer or spring, the month of March is perfect for picking up new travel gear and luggage. In 2018, eBay offered exciting deals on Samsonite duffels and kid’s backpacks. In the meantime, Samsonite itself provided customers with up to 50 % off deals that dropped the initial pricing to $35.99 during the last quarter of the month.

You can also search for Debenhams free delivery for further discounts on your purchases.

Gift Cards

Like we all know, December is a popular month for buying gift cards online in general. Nonetheless, do you know that March comes second after December when it comes to gift cards?

In fact, March brings more offers for online gift cards as compared to any other period of the year.

During the previous year, one of the deals allowed consumers to purchase $100 in credit on Atom-Ticket gift cards for only $65.

Things to Skip in March:

Spring Apparel

You must avoid buying seasonal attire when you require it. Obviously, there may be a few exceptions to this. You can see coats as well as sweaters on sale once the Black Friday hits — however for more often than not, the best deals are likely to come during the final part or close of a season. Also, be sure to use Debenhams free delivery for further savings on your shopping.

Android Smartphones

It is unlikely that you will see big price drops on smartphones in March. According to experts, you can expect smartphones manufacturers to offer great discounts in the month of July & November. So, it would be a wise idea to wait at least till summer for a brand new smartphone purchase.

Always remember that smartphone companies are likely to stick to their personal schedules when it comes to the release of new smartphones. As a result, each of the popular smartphones has its own specific period for offering you the best deal.





Free Delivery Codes and Vouchers

Online Shopping


People love online shopping. This means saving money and time. You can easily search the web for the products you want. What is more, you can use free delivery codes to get the item you have bought from any retailer. Use these voucher codes and free delivery codes and get your item for free. This is the most important part of our online shopping because delivery is important.


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Insurance in Our Life



A wise man once said, “Never leave anything to chance. Protect the ones you love with life insurance”.

Insurance may be termed as a verge against life’s thoughts. It can be described as a procedure of safeguarding the interest of people from loss and uncertainty. Whether we are aware of it or not, risk permeates our lives.

If in case by nature, an illness or injury puts you incapacitated for a while, or if you were to pass away, because death is a constant and no one can escape it, then have you ever thought that what would become of your family members and the people you love? Who will take care of them? Who will pay your children’s school fee or the rent or the monthly bills? All these are the responsibilities which you will leave behind. Now what? You must be thinking that after you are not with them, life would be finished and there is nothing you could do.

But don’t give up because that’s where comes to bury all your worries and provide you safety and protection by becoming your financial support.

Unfortunately many people in our society do not understand the concept of insurance and label it as slander, although the value of insurance is extensive but it is impassive. Woody Allen uttered the line:

“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?”

(Love and Death, 1975)

The following points show the importance of insurance in our life:

1. Provide safety and security:

Insurance plays a substantial role by giving us financial support and reduce uncertainties in business and human life. It provides safety and security against particular event. It enables the families and business to remain monetarily stable and steady in difficult times.

2. Inspires savings:

The main advantage of insurance is not only protection against hazards and uncertainties instead it also provides an investment network too. It permits methodical reserves due to payment of regular quality. It is very useful in providing way of investment. It advances a person to save money. The insured get the handsome amount after the permanent contract. Therefore life insurance inspires savings.

3. Medical care:

Medical insurance is also considered important in handling risks in health. Due to the environment which we are facing day by day, full of pollution and unhygienic food, anyone can be a part of serious sickness therefore raising the medical expense is of great concern. Medical Insurance is one of the insurance policies that provide different type of health risks. The person who get himself insured will get medical care, support and precaution by the insurance policies.

4. Provides Relief:

When a person thinks about his future, the problems which he will face, the stress and tension that will come in his life, the over burden expenses and fear of retirement. All these thoughts make a person weak. Therefore insurance provides a sense of relief and assistance.