March Shopping Tips and How to Save More on Online Shopping

March 3, 2019 Online Shopping


March is one of those months where you can find plenty of exciting deals on various products online. In this article, we present you some of the best shopping opportunities for the month of March along with a few things you should skip.


Floor sample mattress

New mattress models typically arrive during spring, making old mattresses possibly fairly cheap. People who prefer a bargain as opposed to getting the newest model can search for discounts on floor samples which are displayed on the floor of the showroom.

Essentials for St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, as we all know is celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day worldwide.

Most online retailers offer a discount on these essentials during the time that leads up to the holiday. For instance, J.C. Penney & Amazon have had these type of sales during the past few years.

Like any other holiday, the longer a person waits for shopping, the better deals they’re likely to get. Your options might be reduced, but so are the prices.

Tax software

March is an ideal month to get an exciting deal on your tax software. Retailers such as Dell, Staples and Best Buy already offer sales on these products, so be sure to research accordingly.


No matter if you plan to have a trip for summer or spring, the month of March is perfect for picking up new travel gear and luggage. In 2018, eBay offered exciting deals on Samsonite duffels and kid’s backpacks. In the meantime, Samsonite itself provided customers with up to 50 % off deals that dropped the initial pricing to $35.99 during the last quarter of the month.

You can also search for Debenhams free delivery for further discounts on your purchases.

Gift Cards

Like we all know, December is a popular month for buying gift cards online in general. Nonetheless, do you know that March comes second after December when it comes to gift cards?

In fact, March brings more offers for online gift cards as compared to any other period of the year.

During the previous year, one of the deals allowed consumers to purchase $100 in credit on Atom-Ticket gift cards for only $65.

Things to Skip in March:

Spring Apparel

You must avoid buying seasonal attire when you require it. Obviously, there may be a few exceptions to this. You can see coats as well as sweaters on sale once the Black Friday hits — however for more often than not, the best deals are likely to come during the final part or close of a season. Also, be sure to use Debenhams free delivery for further savings on your shopping.

Android Smartphones

It is unlikely that you will see big price drops on smartphones in March. According to experts, you can expect smartphones manufacturers to offer great discounts in the month of July & November. So, it would be a wise idea to wait at least till summer for a brand new smartphone purchase.

Always remember that smartphone companies are likely to stick to their personal schedules when it comes to the release of new smartphones. As a result, each of the popular smartphones has its own specific period for offering you the best deal.